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Chasing Antarctica

Creating a documentary on the first human ever to complete an Iron-Distance Triathlon on all 7 continents.


Antarctica is the coldest and southernmost continent, virtually unhibatitated and covered in ice. Connor will swim 3.86km in 0 degree water, bike 180km on ice and run 42.2km in freezing air temperatures to show anything is possible and exemplify what it means to Dare to Dream. 

The 21 day expedition is set to take off in February 2024 leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southerrn most city in South America also known as the edge of the world.







Connor and Team will set sail from Ushuaia for a 21-day expedition, crossing the drake passage, widely known as the roughest waters in the world. The team will be 7 people comprising of videographers, a safety team, boat captain and skipper.

The swim, bike and run will all be properly recorded and tracked to be submitted as a new world record. More importantly, this journey will be turned into a documentary and shared with the world. The idea is to showcase the human spirit pushing through the hardest conditions possible to prove that dreams are possible.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I hope you are able to find some inspiration from my story and go ALL IN on your wildest dream. I invite you to support this journey if you can or follow @connor.emeny on instagram for more upcoming adventures, challenges and events with featured guests.

Connor Emeny




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