Follow along as Connor Emeny aims to become the first person ever to complete an Iron-Distance triathlon on all seven continents
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Endurance Athlete, Optimist, and World Record Holder

Connor Emeny is a man on a mission. In 2020 Connor had a dream to complete an Ironman, a race widely considered to be the hardest single day sporting event on the planet, comprising of a 3.86km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km run.

This dream turned into world record feat of becoming the youngest person in the world - at 26 years old - to complete an Ironman on 6 continents. Now, Connor has his eyes set on the 7th continent.

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Six continents down, one to go

It’s been a wild ride, but the wildest has yet to come

The Journey So far

Connor’s first race was March 7th 2020 - Ironman NewZealand. 10 days later the world shut down due to a global pandemic. Connor was trapped in Auckland for 60 days on a level 4 lockdown and saw first-hand how divided people became. He decided he wanted to bring people back together and show how working through one tough day together, we can make it through any tough day ahead. He came up with the near impossible goal of racing around the globe, through country lockdowns, a global pandemic and utter chaos to show the world anything is possible.

Connor went on to race in Chattanooga Tennessee, Mallorca Spain, South Africa, Subic Bay Philllipines and Florianopolis Brazil. Connor experienced many cancelled races, a lost and broken bike, extreme heat waves, Covid-19, 14 day quarantines and much more. But he also experienced what having a dream and going ALL IN on it truly requires. He showed himself what was possible and helped others realize their own potential.

Now Connor has his eyes set on the 7th continent, aiming to be the first person ever to complete an Iron-distance triathlon on all 7 continents. Why? Connor wants to test human endurance and show himself and others that anything is possible.

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